Teen Pregnancy Prevention- A comprehensive sexual education  program that stresses abstinence while also providing science  and evidence based information on birth control and STD/HIV  prevention, and promoting positive character development.

Great to Wait - abstinence based program in middle schools encouraging students to delay the age on sexual activity and resist  peer and societal pressures.

“Can We Talk” - Program to help parents learn how to effectively talk to their children about sex, STD/HIV, drugs, alcohol, tobacco,  and bullying. 
Positive Parenting

Education - Program for Pregnant and Parenting Teens. 
Prenatal Incentive Program - Program for Pregnant Teens to insure they  receive consistent prenatal care.

Pregnant Teens – 
Who are the young women who need our help? They are our daughters, sisters, neighbors, family, and friends. They come from every background. They are Children who need our assistance to finish growing up, complete their education, and raise their babies to have a brighter future.